– Home Bleaching

This process involves the dentist making a custom-fitted bleaching splint for you that will fit your teeth precisely.
You will be supplied with cartridges of bleaching solution and the dentist will provide full instructions of how to load the splint with this solution.
This technique usually involves wearing the splint for a few hours every day for approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

– In-Office (Power) Bleaching

This is carried out by the dentist in the dental clinic.
A stronger solution is applied to the teeth and is activated by a laser-like light.
It takes about 60 minutes and may require a follow-up visit.

Combined tooth whitening


A combination of both laser and home bleaching is recommended for best results or for those with more heavily stained teeth or for those that have high expectation of the whitening procedure

Internal whitening for root canal treated teeth


Internal whitening is considered the most conservative way to improve the aesthetics of discolored root canal treated teeth as there is no tooth tissue removal unlike other restorative treatments and it should be the first line of treatment.

First thing people notice about you it’s your smile! A bright white smile means health, beauty, fresh breath, a successful career. The key to that is the unique Zoom whitening system by Philips and it is suitable for those who want instant results. And when it comes to whitening, like with everything having to do with your smile, the dentists of our clinic are the best choice.
Tooth discoloration may result from drinking coffee, black tea, red wine, smoking or even from aging process. Before proceeding to the teeth whitening, the dentist will examine your teeth and gums and will talk with you about daily oral hygiene habits.